Do servicemen and women deserve your respect?

So, we heard an interesting and usually hardcore libertarian or hardcore left-wing View. It’s one that involves a statement to sum up and say veterans do not deserve your respect there is no honor in what they do and they must do their part to refuse to go to war when the time comes.

I do not agree with that statement whatsoever. However, coming from a military family with a long history of such we have tried to provide a unbiased View on the subject along with a little bit of world history and US history.

A quick statement before I leave the link to the video which also includes a podcast link for those who want to use lower data We Believe that this is about as asinine as slitting the tires of a mine worker instead of going after the company just because you dislike what they do to the land it in your opinion.

If someone has agreed to a job they are to perform that job or they get fired. You agree every day to pay your taxes and if you don’t get put in jail and if you resist you will be killed. That’s the cold hard truth if you have something against Soldiers & Sailors then you might want to go after the politicians to send them here and there to do their bidding. Youcam debate with them and others on whether this is your tax dollars spent and if this is in America’s best interest. But going after the individual Soldier is opinion the worst possible way to go about your mission.

But let’s take it into greater detail and take a look at these lights right here. If you have something to add please reply please share and please enter this with an open mind. I hope that you had a great break over the holiday time – see you soon