Glitch in YouTube Monetization

So this is a subject that doesn’t have much to do with my usual channel and Homesteading. However, it actually needs to be on the net for anyone that uses YouTube Creator Studio(YCS).

Sometimes, YCS is notorious for giving you false readings: for example

-you look at your earnings and it says 0.00!

This is after you have

-already applied for and have been accepted for Google Adsense

-You are NOT looking at your Adsense page(it won’t show you earnings like it should…)

-Just the day before you showed… let’s say $5.00 for the past 28 days, and now 0.00

It is a glitch! If you’ve went to your Channel settings on your Desktop version of YouTube and you have no hits against you on copyright or other policies, then don’t worry. This is just a glitch!

Let the sigh of relief come like mine did when I refreshed and refreshed my page on my Android version of Creator Studio and all was fixed.

First it returned to the norm after I refreshed my Desktop version and then I did the same to my phone app and Bam! There is was – all fixed.

So, it’s more of just a waiting game for the team at YouTube to fix such problems. It happens. But don’t start going around and changing all your settings.

Maybe a warning from YCS would be appropriate. I know a lot of people would instantly come to the defense in an offensive way and say, “they give you money for talking to camera – shut up! Gaw!”

However, WE share our earnings with them, and I expect good service for us all sharing our monies! I’m not harshly knocking the wonderful creation that I’ve been lucky enough to tap into in the recent year – no, not at all!

I just don’t want anyone to become as mistaken as I was the morning I woke and became frightened that I, Cody Homesteader, had actually broken a rule! Not this guy, hah.

Have an awesome day.

Cody Homesteader