Introducing chicks to the mix

Alright so I haven’t been able to post for a little while because I’ve been busy with super fun work and real life. However, the best part about it is in between I am growing a ton of plants indoors getting them ready for outside and we have baby chickens!

There’s a link to let you take a good look at what we have been so busy with. Besides the grow room and the chickens we are busy building the chicken pen and Coop.

It takes a lot to be somewhat self-sufficient but the rewards are awesome. The calories lost are great. And the positive mood that you get from working on something that will help your entire family well that has an unknown price tag.


Killing boredom with productivity 

Growing indoors is so easy – even I have done it!

Not to gloat, but I have done the best with what little time I have in between work.

If you feel like winter is the destroyer of all hope for gardening and doing something positive with your time, then I am here to tell you that there are a few things that you can do to stop that feeling

Forgive the voice to text but I needed to get this out there. I have 27 plants growing in downstairs office room. It took two extra tables that cost 30 bucks and to grow lights that are just CFLs which cost $15 a piece plus shipping.

 a lot of these plants are now six inches tall, two of them are trying to flower, one of the plants is three foot tall and is a Survivor from last year’s  pepper crops.

I will be doing a lot more of exploring the indoor growing with some of them staying here around inside the room and not being transferred out into the garden. Of course for longer-term growth some plants need to be indeterminate and this also gives you an opportunity to stagger your plant growth for the determinant such as most large tomatoes.

 is a picture from 3 weeks ago that can give a little bit of explanation on how easy it is to grow starting out. To be continued. YouTube video coming out soon 30 videos one full month on grow

We want to know….

Homesteading covers a broad range of subjects that we want to discuss with you.

  • Family
  • History
  • DIY
  • Gardening
  • Water Storage
  • General Psychology
  • Awareness
  • Finances and saving money

You control what comes in and out of your home.

You are responsible for protecting your land, rights, and that home you call yours.

You can change how you spend money and time in a more effective way.

We can help!

We can also grow together. Nobody is the queen or king of knowledge in these subjects – if they were, they’d probably be teaching it somewhere for way too much money! Hah.

So, let’s share ideas that’ll help save money and time. Let’s find more ways to keep positive in an at times, dreary landscape. Let’s be the best we can with what little time we have here.

What we are asking YOU is what do YOU want to hear a podcast or video over?

Please let us know. We have a YouTube page

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Thank you very much.

Cody Homesteader

Winter Garden Box

No idea what a Gardener can do during Winter? Click and listen, watch, and read!

Today on the Cody Homesteader show, we wanted to talk to you about Garden Boxes!

We’ve compiled at least four Podcast/videos to help with your Winter Boredom. Think that there’s absolutely nothing you can do to improve your gardening experience? We have some super projects that may change your mind.

Garden Boxes have plenty of benefits.

  • Contains only the dirt and nutrients you put in
  • Less erosion
  • Easy to maintain
  • Easy to harvest
  • Easy to water
  • Easy to alter
  • Easy to secure

If that sounds like something you could get into, then DON’T wait to Winter to subside. Start kicking butt now. Get out there and make your garden NOW!

Here’s the episode on YouTube:

Here it is on Buzzsprout: Listening to “EPS 9 Winter Garden Box” at


We are available on


Music is my own. It’s free for whoever can extract it. It’s just a keyboard and a 12 str Johnson an 6 chords. There.

Garden Prep p1 composting and your garden box

Winter’s clutch has you – do something about it!

As promised, the first out of at least 4 episodes about Winter Garden Prep is here!

Building your garden boxes or preparing your land is the first step to designing an awesome and winning new year!

If you feel the clutches of Winter destroying your creativity and garden-love, then this is the show for you!

Thanks for following and please stay tuned.

Podcast located at iTunes

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Glitch in YouTube Monetization

So this is a subject that doesn’t have much to do with my usual channel and Homesteading. However, it actually needs to be on the net for anyone that uses YouTube Creator Studio(YCS).

Sometimes, YCS is notorious for giving you false readings: for example

-you look at your earnings and it says 0.00!

This is after you have

-already applied for and have been accepted for Google Adsense

-You are NOT looking at your Adsense page(it won’t show you earnings like it should…)

-Just the day before you showed… let’s say $5.00 for the past 28 days, and now 0.00

It is a glitch! If you’ve went to your Channel settings on your Desktop version of YouTube and you have no hits against you on copyright or other policies, then don’t worry. This is just a glitch!

Let the sigh of relief come like mine did when I refreshed and refreshed my page on my Android version of Creator Studio and all was fixed.

First it returned to the norm after I refreshed my Desktop version and then I did the same to my phone app and Bam! There is was – all fixed.

So, it’s more of just a waiting game for the team at YouTube to fix such problems. It happens. But don’t start going around and changing all your settings.

Maybe a warning from YCS would be appropriate. I know a lot of people would instantly come to the defense in an offensive way and say, “they give you money for talking to camera – shut up! Gaw!”

However, WE share our earnings with them, and I expect good service for us all sharing our monies! I’m not harshly knocking the wonderful creation that I’ve been lucky enough to tap into in the recent year – no, not at all!

I just don’t want anyone to become as mistaken as I was the morning I woke and became frightened that I, Cody Homesteader, had actually broken a rule! Not this guy, hah.

Have an awesome day.

Cody Homesteader

Do servicemen and women deserve your respect?

So, we heard an interesting and usually hardcore libertarian or hardcore left-wing View. It’s one that involves a statement to sum up and say veterans do not deserve your respect there is no honor in what they do and they must do their part to refuse to go to war when the time comes.

I do not agree with that statement whatsoever. However, coming from a military family with a long history of such we have tried to provide a unbiased View on the subject along with a little bit of world history and US history.

A quick statement before I leave the link to the video which also includes a podcast link for those who want to use lower data We Believe that this is about as asinine as slitting the tires of a mine worker instead of going after the company just because you dislike what they do to the land it in your opinion.

If someone has agreed to a job they are to perform that job or they get fired. You agree every day to pay your taxes and if you don’t get put in jail and if you resist you will be killed. That’s the cold hard truth if you have something against Soldiers & Sailors then you might want to go after the politicians to send them here and there to do their bidding. Youcam debate with them and others on whether this is your tax dollars spent and if this is in America’s best interest. But going after the individual Soldier is opinion the worst possible way to go about your mission.

But let’s take it into greater detail and take a look at these lights right here. If you have something to add please reply please share and please enter this with an open mind. I hope that you had a great break over the holiday time – see you soon

Excited – you bet I am!

So, I’ve never been one for waiting for Christmas gifts. 

I know, it’s a bad habit but I just can’t stand to wait on something that I could really use right then. Well, fortunately, my family is very supportive of what I like to do which is podcasting and youtubing, and they have went out of their way to get me a much better microphone. It’s a Samson go. And as far as I have seen it has 4.5 out of 5 Star reviews! 

This will greatly improve the audio quality of our podcasting and will add a touch more quality 2 hour videos! 

So what am I going to do with this great new equipment? I’ll tell you – the next coming up Podcast and videos are going to be over.


– volatile people in your life and what to do about it, 

– and a very touchy subject about soldiers and honor.

 One of my friends has got into the chicken game and is enjoying it so far – he even has a few turkeys! So I’m going to get a look at how he raises them what tips I can give and just take some good quality video of these beautiful animals. While I believe that they are great for food also enjoy such great providers of food and all animals that you raised for Slaughter should be given the best of lives. 

A video over volatile people in your life and identifying those people and what exactly to do about it we’re going to explore the subject deeply over the form of many podcasting videos but we have to have somewhere to start.

 The video of the soldiers and honor is a reply to a statement made by an individual that has gained some public exposure. I wouldn’t say many support his claim,  that soldiers don’t deserve any honor ,simply for being soldiers. I have a rebuttal but I am going to be as Fair as possible – seeing as I am somewhat biased.

 So in conclusion we have a lot going on and cannot wait to get it out there. However, we have our Christmas going on and plenty of work to do in between. 

I can’t wait to get these messages out to everyone of you and I hope that your holiday off is the best one ever!

Garden/life standards

Be a watering can in a desert, not a lit match in a dry forest.

Many are quick to judge when it comes to someone else’s backyard experiment! 

That looks trashy!

She doesn’t have that designed well at all…

It looks okay – for an amateur

These are comments you’ll hear and see from wannabe gurus…

Being hurtful and narrow minded is their specialty! So let’s unfocus on those people.

Here’s the problem: one day you’ll put your self and your products and other things of your creation out there for people to see you might even put it online for people to judge.

It’s right at that moment that you have entered the world of over judgemental, highly critical people. You are in there around now and don’t expect fair treatment.

I don’t think about it too much! You can start to become highly critical of yourself even though you have followed a good game plan and you have awesome results. But they have planted the seed in your garden, and that seed is doubt!

There’s a gigantic difference between asking for criticism constructive if it can be, and then chaining yourself to the whipping post saying Take Your Best Shot.

But let’s go back, you need not to think on that so much. There are a lot of people out there who don’t produce the same results as you who really just want to critique your work. Sometimes they have a good point and you should take that point and run with it even if it has some negative in it. Sometimes people aren’t able to use their criticism without adding in a little stuff here and there on your personality or personal design. Just keep in mind, this is an online world and with an online world comes online trolls you heard the word before. This is an example of what they do.

Best thing to look for is a good teacher and a good host. And to be the same is such a relief to those who are healing from Burns and other battle wounds via the Internet.

In closing I will say that I will do my best to be helpful and to teach as much as I can and I ask you to do the same with me and others. The watering can in a desert, not a match in a dry forest.